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34/29, Ayteke Bi str.,
Almaty, 6 floor

Crea Y&R is a part of the oldest international advertising agency, Young & Rubicam. However, we possess something more than mere modern global tools to create advertisements. We possess knowledge of local insights of target audiences of any type. This makes our advertising product not only creative, but also promoting client sales.

What we can

  • Create brands from
    the ground up

    We can and wish to develop naming, logo and other corporate style elements, as well as marketing and creative platforms to promote your unique product. We are sure – there are no non-unique goods, but some specialists are careless and lazy. We do not have such specialists.
  • Prepare advertising and
    PR campaigns

    Our objective is to make people pay attention to your goods or service, buy and give their heart to your goods or service. We are quite ambitious. Due to this, we make a dainty creative product based on the target audience’s preferences, proper insights, apposite strategy and economically reasonable tools.
  • Develop

    Yes! We do this nice.
  • Play upon

    There are 33 letters in the Russian language. You can hardly believe how much we can accomplish using them!
  • Initiate
    ATL and BTL

    Television and radio commercials, outdoor advertising, branding of sales outlets, prints in media, corporate conferences, promotional activities, guerrilla marketing, and competitions – We are behind all these and many other activities too.
  • Have heart in work

    Putting heart in work has nothing to do with bartering away for gain. We are not engaged in compilation of others’ ideas or plagiarism. To create a uniquely designed creation is more interesting and efficient.

Facts about us:

  • 93 years in the advertising market,
    9 years in Kazakhstan

  • Profs who have got an obsession with advertising

  • Brands our clients set up together with us

  • Pounds of experience
    of working with international
    and local clients