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Kazakhstan’s largest buying agency with turnover exceeding 70 million US dollars.
The buying agency FIRST acts as a sole purchaser, consolidates advertising volumes of the Holding’s media agencies and own clients with the view of improving conditions of advertisement positioning in media.

    Our principles:

  • an optimal price
  • maximum performance
  • reliability
  • rapidity and flexibility
  • precise fulfillment of obligations

    Why FIRST?

  • Largest consolidated contracts in the market.

  • A pool of the best bought out structures is available at any time in all cities of Kazakhstan.
    We do EVERYTHING both in Outdoor and Indoor advertising!

  • The agency services over 100 clients, including clients of the Holding’s media agencies.

  • By working with FIRST, you will avoid a plenty of organizational issues with dozens of persons. You are required but to make arrangements only with a single partner, us. We will do all the rest for you!

  • Minimum document circulation – You are not required to sign dozens of contracts or pay dozens of invoices or handle other documents related to your counteragents. You will deal with a single legal entity and receive progress reports.
    We are responsible for your advertising campaign as a whole!