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Rating Point is a part of the MediaCom global network, which consists of 5 800 persons, 112 offices in 97 countries of the world.
Total network billing is $96 bn.

5 key principles of MediaCom:

  • systematic approach to planning;
  • focusing on the product content;
  • not only investment planning, but also result-oriented work;
  • securing solution;
  • solid team.

What we can

  • Strategic planning – elaboration of media strategy with the view of promotion /backup of goods /services for any group of the clients

  • Tactical media planning – choice of media vehicles and placement quality to achieve the client’s goals

  • Media buying – negotiate using First BA and optimize placement terms and conditions for the client using consolidated conditions available to DASM Group.
    Media expertise and analysis – monitoring, conducting of the pre-campaign and post-campaign analysis, review of media consumption and correlation with marketing indicators (sales), analysis of competitive behavior.

Facts about us:

  • Over 9 years operating in the market

  • Personnel with over 8-year experience of working in the Kazakhstani market

  • Support by the Mediacom network, including network software

  • We are trusted by the largest international companies, including by such giants as Procter & Gamble and MARS

  • Rating Point was engaged in the launch of Tele2 in Kazakhstan