DASM is a team of professionals and young specialists with an ingenious way of thinking and desire to succeed. We are inspired by the future and opportunities that become available to us on a daily basis. We work in the creative environment and support new ideas. The personnel are the main value of the Group. We pursue the policy aimed to ensure our specialists’ growth and contribute to their development.

    What DASM gives you:

  1. An interesting job at Central Asia’s largest advertising holding;
  2. Training opportunities and professional development;
  3. Participation in unique projects;
  4. Working together with the best experts in advertising business;
  5. Career prospects;
  6. Competitive and steady labor remuneration

    We expect you:

  1. To be adherent to DASM values;
  2. To work efficiently;
  3. To be initiative and fascinated;
  4. To be attentive to the clients;
  5. Career prospects;
  6. To strive for success.

    Our recruitment phases:

  1. Detailed review of the Resume;
  2. Telephone interview;
  3. Interview with the HR Manager;
  4. Tests (if necessary);
  5. Interview with the Line Manager and Director of the agency;
  6. Check up of the letters of recommendation.

The DASM Group is continuously looking for young and talented specialists with an ingenious way of thinking and desire to succeed. University graduates and students who can combine work with study may join our team of professionals. If you wish to have a shot at this job and elicit your potential together with our experts, we would be glad to consider your Resume. We believe you to be efficient and to effect the desired result at DASM. We are stronger together, because you are young and enthusiastic, while we are professional and ambitious.

    Requirements for graduates and students:

  1. Knowledge of MS Office (Power Point, Excel);
  2. Mathematical / analytical mind;
  3. Ability to analyze and love for figures;
  4. Ability to analyze and love for figures;
  5. Ability to handle stress;
  6. Preferably – English language (at least Intermediate).

    Our contacts:

  • Ph.:+7 (727) 313 13 80 (6515)
  • E-mail to send your Resume at:

Assistant media planners


  • Preparation for launching of advertising campaigns
  • Preparation of media plans
  • Compliance with /follow up of all project deadlines
  • Updating the data bases
  • Reports of the implemented campaigns
  • Document management
  • Dealing with buying, creative agencies, and mass media
  • Maintenance of internal records


  • Marketing/ economic/ financial education
  • Love for figures, ability to work with them and understand large volumes of numerical information
  • English language (at least Intermediate)
  • Knowledge of Power Point, MS Office
  • High analytical skills
  • Commitment, ability to handle stress, client-orientedness

Creative designer


  • Development of logos and corporate styles;
  • Development and visualization of ideas for advertising campaigns;
  • Development of design of promotional materials;
  • Development of design of advertising banners for web-sites;
  • Finalization, adaptation and editing of design of existing layouts;
  • Creation of collages and illustrations;
  • Creation of design layouts for the web-sites;
  • Make up of leaflets and catalogues;
  • Photo processing.


  • At least 2 years of experience;
  • Typographic skills;
  • Working with color;
  • Knowledge of Adobe applications: Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign;
  • Experienced MacOS user;
  • Purposeful branding, web design and packaging work.

Account manager


  • Dealing /communication with the client
  • Understanding the client’s requirements and inquiries, dealing with the client and creative/ production and other departments, from initial briefing to the final result – closing of the works
  • Distribution of the works/assignment within the agency
  • Control for performance of the works related to preparation and implementation of the client’s advertising campaign – work quality, status and deadline follow up Issuing invoices to the client
  • Issuing invoices to the client
  • Preparation and signing of the project budgets and contracts (additional agreement) on the project by the client
  • Project coordination
  • Preparation of progress reports for the client and within the agency
  • Preparation of financial statements

Required skills:

  • Negotiating skills
  • Computer skills - advanced user: Windows, Word, Internet, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook Microsoft
  • Understanding the basics of marketing communications
  • Ability to define a task and to offer several ways to solve the same
  • Ability to describe clearly and set tasks to the team
  • Ability to plan the work properly, upon consultation with all the departments involved in the project.

Media planning manager


  • written and oral communications with the client, attending all the meetings with the client;
  • writing down a brief "for the client" based on the input information and further finalization and coordination of the brief with the client, control and approval of all the data together with the client, coordination of the assistants and planning managers’ related work;
  • сlose collaboration with the agency servicing the client, from the creative point of view;
  • use and development of tailored approaches to the planning process, desire to offer to the client interesting and special communication ideas using all the communication channels;
  • control for entering the media plans in MIS and VIMP and their timely and regular adjustments, if this is required by the process;


  • мathematical/ analytical mind;
  • ability to interact with the clients;
  • ability to organize others’ work;
  • mastery of all media indicators, knowledge of terminology;
  • advertising campaigns planning skills – at TV, radio, in the press, outdoor advertisement; preferably also at cinemas and in the Internet;
  • knowledge of the Advertising Law.

Send a Resume

Dear job applicant, please, when you send you Resume, indicate the desired vacancy in the cover letter.